Release of 0.3 Friday, January 18th, 2013

We just released a new stable version of Gitonomy. This version ships cool new features that a repository must have. This iteration was mostly for features about repository tools, administration and micro-improvements.

Note: to be able to view examples in this article, you need to authenticate as admin with password admin when prompted.

Binary files handling

It’s now possible now to view images in source browser. It’s also possible to view diff between two images.

A screenshot of a commit diff showing changes on an image

Blame your files

A must-have feature for a git repository tool.

Show a blame view of a php class file

New history graph

Tree is integrated in commit list directly. Text is indented according to the tree and it fits the screen width.

Graph is now embedded in table and dates are visible

Easiest configuration of locale, branding and mails

You can now configure your mail server and application preferences in administration panel. You don’t need to delete cache anymore.Screenshot of configuration options for locale and mailer configurationA new option in user preferences was also added: the prefered locale. By default, you’ll get the administration value. If you select another, application will translate when you login.

Default permissions on repository

Now, when you create a repository, you will become lead developer on this repository and have all permissions on repository. Default permissions will be set on repository for lead developer, developer and visitors. You only need now to set role of users on your project. Permissions associated to roles for a project


To inform you of the new releases, we had a version page in the global administration. Changelog will inform you about security issues, new features and bug fixes.

Confirm irremediable actions

We don’t want you to make terrible things, like removing a project accidentally. That’s why we have integrated a doubleclick button. After clicking on a fire button (), another button appears below the cursor.

Looking toward

Project is still under heavy development. We sprinted last 4 weeks on all those exciting features. If you want to test project, go to download page. You will also see a log of all our current developments.

If you want to join us, project is on github.

  • Valérian Girard

    Hi !

    This soft is really nice !

    Did you have a road map or some thing like that??

    If you need a nice feature, mabe the “pull request” “à la github” ;)

  • Sergey Kharaborkin

    Hello. Could you tell me, please, can i get sha hash value of a file using this lib?