What’s new on Gitonomy? Friday, November 16th, 2012

If you follow us from the begining, you will probably see some changes in Gitonomy.

A new design

We picked up a color (#ff8821), a font (Tellural) and changed totally the design of the application and the website.

If you don’t enjoy the color, just sed -i 's/ff8821/aabbcc/g'.

The previous version was very confusing about administration and permissions, and administration of repository was very hard to find. We recentered everything around project. We removed pages and menus, but no features.

Commit page

The diff view of a commit in Gitonomy was kind of crap. Well it’s now old stories, because we get a fresh new view for diff. You can visualize old version and new version, allowing you to view differently your diff.

Test the new diff view (connect with user:user).

Compare page

Hooray! You can now compare a range of commit ! This new view will be used to see diff for a given branch, on branch page.

Test the new compare page (connect with user:user).


We milestone a version 0.2 by now. This version lacks of important features, so in coming days, we will work on:

  • Enhanced branch page
  • Git blame
  • Binary files visualization

Targetting extensibility

It’s always frustrating to use a third service and not be able to do whatever you want. With Gitonomy, it’s getting more and more easy. If you have Symfony2 skills and imagination, you can implement whatever you want in Gitonomy.

By now, you can register your bundle like any other and listen to events (pushes, project creations, etc.). If you plan to extend Gitonomy, tell us and give us feedback.

If you started using it and have things to say about it, let us know!